Forget about your Breaking Bad-themed Halloween costume idea, because you can't top this one


“I am the one who drools.”

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Shopped. The pixels.

Badly 'shopped. And not particularly clever.

Oh come on. Get a real baby and a real goatee, and it would be clever as hell.

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Find me a baby that can grow a goatee, and we’ll talk.

I just don’t think it’s appropriate for a young child, no matter how clever.

People dress little kids up as Darth Vader all the time, and his character literally killed billions more fictional people than Walter White.


First, stop using ‘literally’ as an intensive. Second, Darth Vader is a cartoonish Big Bad --scary, scary! – but not something so adult you have to be at least 16 to be able to understand. A nice science teacher who makes blue candy that makes people feel good which is actually really, really bad for them and killed a lot of people because he was really a baddie himself because he was sick all the time…no, guys. That’s just stoking your own ego. You’re dressing the dog as Cerebus and inviting the neighbors to applaud the fact you read Dante.

It’s not funny, or appropriate. I wouldn’t dress them as Iggy Pop or Lou Reed, either, even though I love both of them dearly. Stick to duckies and bunnies and kitties, please.

Methinks you’re taking this a bit too seriously. That baby is clearly too young to be horribly scarred by association with a character from a TV show. Infants don’t give a shit about what their parents dress them up as for Halloween—whether it’s a bunny rabbit or a fictional drug lord, all baby costumes are ultimately for the enjoyment of adults.

first you give out apples and toothbrushes dont you second he used literally as a literal comparison for numerical purposes of fictional comparison millions of people is literally larger than dozens of people fictional people or real people it is literally a larger number third you did not see heisenberg with a remote controlled trunk mounted machine gun as a cartoonish big breaking bad really what i dont even and fourth duckies and bunnies and kitties have nothing to do with the eve of all souls it should be something to frighten your sinning little soul into the cowering terror of appropriate behavior when all of this dark perverse reversal is but littered wrappers and aching bellies in the wan light of tomorrow

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That is literally unreadable.


Have you heard the joke about the bridge in the forest that was only strong enough to hold a deer? It’s literally unbearable.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Me, I just want to watch the punctuation marks burn. I think this is my first punct-free BB-rant.

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Oh hell yes, baby Iggy Pop! Yes! But please don’t roll the baby in broken glass - stage blood is fine for Halloween.

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