Marvelous scans of Leonardo da Vinci's journals

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He was an engineer’s engineer who did a bit of painting as a sideline.


why the hell are all of these notebooks not scanned and posted years ago?


These are super cool and the images are being served by IIIF. This is cool because this image format has a built in reflection tool based in the URL.

On the V&A website, go to the viewer and right-click on one of the images in the left panel and select ‘Copy image location’ and paste this into your address bar.


Super tiny - the size is controlled by the /90,/ bit - change that to full.

(only allowed to post two links so not posting this one but from the final one you could work it out)

Now for the cool bit - to reflect the image just put a ! in front of the 0.


Reflected :slight_smile: I was hoping that having reflected it I would understand it - sadly IIIF isn’t that good :slight_smile:

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