Marvel's "Eternals" seems to have a lot of fighting

The actual Gaiman book is great. The movie looks like it will suck so hard. There is no fan base for this, and I suspect that will turn out to be more important than the suits think.

I think the key element to GoTG is that it’s basically a misfit family drama with scifi elements. It’s especially true with vol 2. It’s a theme in Gunn’s films so far even The Suicide Squad has a bit of that misfit family theme to it.

The biggest change ever in demeanor has to be Sylvester Stallone as Starhawk

Moreso than Baymax going from a giant reptilian monster-looking thing to a friendly & gentle inflatable medical bot? Well opinions will differ, I guess.

Everybody loves a glow-up :wink:

Gaiman didn’t create them, it’s a Jack Kirby jam from the 70’s. It’s never been terribly successful in it’s own right, either sales wise or even in pulling off it’s concept well. But a fair bit of Marvel’s “Cosmic” material is tangentially rooted there. Especially anything involving the Celestials. And a couple of the characters were major parts of popular Avengers runs through the 80’s. Which is not saying a lot, they’re sorta where Hawkeye was around when they introduced him to the films.

But there was practically no audience for Guardians of the Galaxy when it was announced either. It was a similar sort of incomplete, seldom remembered 60s or 70s property that had spun off a few things that were minorly significant later. And the recent rebooted book we saw adapted for the movie had actually be cancelled due to low readership a few months before the announcement.

So I don’t think that’s as significant as you think it is.

The Gaiman run cut closest to making it work. But it’s got it’s problems. It’s deeply buried in forgotten continuity, more a late continuation than a reboot. And the ending is kinda rushed, and not great. IIRC they literally rushed the ending, they had some delays and apparently were given fewer issues than Gaiman and Romita wanted. So they just sort of wrapped it up when they hit the deadline/last issue.

GotG had a fabulous director who became its auteur. Who’s directing Eternals again?
I started buying comics when they were a nickel. Please don’t presume to lecture me on Kirby and the genesis of the Eternals. I stand by what I said: the original Gaiman book on which this is based is great. This looks to be not so much.

Oh dear.

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That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. They’re pretty much trying to jam as much into a single movie with a ton of characters the average movie goes has no idea about nor cares about. Still i hope it ends up being worth matching but i’m probably gunna wait until its streaming

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Seriously, there are 10 characters in that image and I don’t know who a single one is.

For the Avengers films there were also a lot of characters but they (mostly) didn’t introduce too many brand new heroes in any given film, and even then I think they were just barely able to manage avoiding total chaos. I’ll be very impressed if The Eternals somehow manages to pull it off.

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Well they certainly seem dedicated to making the movie feel like an eternity.


That was The Old Guard on Netflix, which seemed to have a similar vibe and was pretty forgettable. Interestingly it also starred Chiwetwl Ejiofor who was one of the sorcerers in Doctor Strange and will be a villain in the Multiverse of Madness movie, so everything is connected.

I guess there are so many people in the MCU these days that most movies probably only have one degree of separation.

Chloé Zhao

She has more directing credits than Gunn did at the time, and considerably more critical acclaim.

Apparently Chloé Zhao once said something that offended Winnie the Pu.

so her directing career might be cut short.

From what I recall she has some connections to dissidents predating that as well.

And none of her films have exactly endeared her to the party over there. It seems to be a “there’s a good reason” sort of thing with regards to her moving towards the western film industry.

So long story short that’s been a thing since before Marvel signed her on. I remember being a little surprised when they signed her cause it seemed to clash with Disney’s “yes please Mr. China” push.

The impression I’ve had is that her career was probably done, and then she got Eternals.

And kinda an important detail is neither Shang-Chi nor Black Widow ended up getting a Chinese release.

It all kinda clashes badly with what happened around the release of Mulan.

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