Maryland students prank their high school, listing it on Zillow for $42,067

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My high school yearbook had a photo of the building with a for sale sign out front. This was dinosaurs roamed the earth, before phones had been liberated and the internets were but a dream.


And according to the link that Carla provided, you are correct:

(the link didn’t one-box, so I took a screenshot)


My old high school apparently tried this already back in 2016. :man_shrugging:

“Skool 4 Sale. Out of Funds.” then the number for Governor Sam Brownback’s office. :laughing:

My high school had an semi-open floor plan with a nice commons area in the middle with 4 halls radiating from the center. It looked sort of like the school they used in The Breakfast Club. I always had dreams of renovating it into a nice Kansas mansion someday. With something like 40+ bedrooms and a large kitchen, I could invite so many people to stay with me. Maybe we could call it the “Woke Mansion”.

There are even a couple of nice zoos and a reservoir lake in the area.


It will be a great day
our schools
get all the money
they need
and the air force
has to hold
a bake sale
to buy a


For some bizzare reason, I have Beavis and Butthead doing their trademark laughter in my head.

Beavis And Butthead Lol GIF by Paramount+
I need to have a chat with whoever’s running the sound board in there…


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