Garage sale displeases neighbor


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My Hillbilly Neighbor…

I smell a boooook deeeeeeeal (or at least a flash-in-the-pan twitter brand…)


You know you’re a hillbilly when a full key chain hanging off your pants is your only accessory.

klitter klatter swagger


Could be worse. Could have these guys show up.


The geographic area look very much like Arizona, yes I’m very sure of it. And that explains everything.

While I was interned there, Arizona, we referred to this type of individual as a “30 thousand dollar a year millionaire”.


Fake? Pretending to have a beef and acting stupid just to get Youtube views?


I’m conflicted. On one hand there’s a youtube channel full of this woman which screams view/cash grab “character” sketch comedy. On the other hand I’m from Texas, and I’ve met people like this. I would never record them repeatedly because I’m afraid of being shot to death but I’ve definitely confirmed their existence.


Good Point!


After watching a few of the other Billy videos, I’m quite certain she is real. The video of her arrest is pretty convincing.


Everything is cheaper in the AZ. And I don’t mean money.


Yes, I found to be an absolute truth that “stupidity” was at whole sale bargain basement prices available daily at any quantities that was needed.


she said catawampus. I had to back it up and listen a few times. SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. HAHHAHA :rofl:

edit: as I am watching through more of it…I feel bad for her. She clearly has some issues (needs to fix that wig). That dude ran over her poor shoe!!!


My mouth is getting dry from hanging open in awe. Is there a prize for worst neighbor ever? Or is this an art form riding the line between believable and unbelievable? Falling over trying to drag a keg over her “freshly raked rocks.”


Oh the credulity!


Poor taste to passively irritate this woman and then broadcast it. Real or fake, I don’t find either scenario funny.

There are tons of amazing and incredible things on the internets, this isn’t one of them.


Recycling’s a bitch! Damn xmas trees! We’ve all been there right?

No work getting done this morning. Thanks Rob!


I guess I better not tell you about Facebook’s eviler stepchild then. :innocent:

Think Block War for the 'burbs.


I am going down the Youtube rabbit hole of Billie the Redneck neighbor. THIS IS PURE GOLD PEOPLE!!!


Even that video with her getting arrested looks like play acting.
“she’s gonna get herself arrested” - says the narrator before the ‘cop’ even reaches for his cuffs…
Billy TURNS back toward the ‘cop’ even though she was ‘walking’ away - this looks like one of the actors forgot their staging and she had to turn back toward him to insure he could slap the cuffs on her.
Dude with no shirt walks all the way up into the cops space and DOESN’T get arrested. No other ‘cops’ are called for backup and then the ‘cop’ let’s Billy go?
No way. Does not pass the sniff test.


More stagey stagey crazy