Mask Up!

Dare I say I whinnied with laughter?
Screenshot_2020-04-18 No Santa, Bane or Darth Vader Military mask advice gets humorous


Context for the unfamiliar.


Has link to instructions.


These instructions seem fairly straightforward:

Available in various languages (judging by the English translation, they vary a bit) here:


Made my own:

In addition to the duct tape I used a Sugru-like plastic adhesive. The lighter’s side is rounded, the screwdriver is round, the adhesive fills out the gaps on both sides.


The Quarians has the right idea. (Oh how I miss Mass Effect. It was such a good series.)

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That music sounds like an astronomy show on 1980’s PBS.

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Hm. I’ve got a roll of shop towels.

But what about breathing the nanofibers?


I am so fortunate that a former Happy Mutant whom I have met IRL and who is a formidable maker in multiple artistic crafts decided to mail me a beautiful mask. She really is so talented, and generous:

Yes, that’s right: there’s a different and equally lovely lining material. Not something anyone else will ever see, but I know it’s there.


I can’t sew to save my life, but I do have a supply of workshop dust masks.

I wouldn’t expect them to provide any real antiviral protection to the wearer, but would they be of similar utility to a home-made surgical mask from a reducing-the-risk-of-infecting-others POV?


That’s my understanding, yes. And if you can put a layer of nylon across it, that would really up the protective nature. I’m sure you’ve got pantyhose you’re not using, right? :wink:


Yes, because the world we thought we were living on is not the world we are actually living on, nor are we in the same quadrant of Laniakea that we thought we were in, nor the timeline.

Reversible, maybe?

(And suddenly I have nostalgia for the reversible Spring “Rain-n-Shine” coat I had in sixth or seventh grade…solid on one side, flowers on the other. It was the 60’s, yeah.)


Yes, you’re right, it is! But technically the tikis are the ‘right’ side: she made a bunch, all with the tikis on one side and various other fabrics she had on hand for the other side.


It is a lovely mask!


For example, don’t be like the guy I have just dealt with whose mask – which looked to be commercially made – had great big gaps at the sides.

Seriously, it just needs to fit close on all sides. This isn’t rocket science. If you put it on with clean hands, you can adjust it so it fits properly.


I am currently on mask V2.1: 2-pieces, curved style with elastic ears and a twist tie nose wire. I’m pretty proud of the construction - fully enclosed seams - and they would be reversible if not for the nose wire channels. The birb fabric ran out, so I cannibalized a truly hideous apron that I never wore. The resulting fabric was enough to make 6 masks (most were the fan fabric on the outside and geisha on the inside, but I wanted to make a “manly” one). I kept one for myself and husband, and sent two to each of my grandmothers across the country. We’re good for a while!

(I accidentally posted this as a reply to another person, not to the thread - boo!)


This looks good. And has some research to explain it.


links to:

And colour me surprised as to a double-layer mask made out of cotton and chiffon (90% polyester & 10% Spandex) was that efficient.

For further info on the materials used check the supplemental material.

I, for one, am still wearing a paper face mask given to me when I was at my local practitioner a while a go. Will probably buy several (so I can swap every other day) from the spouse of a co-worker who owns a small shop and now also makes masks (which helps, since business is not exactly good at the moment).