Masking in Pharmacies and Risk to the Immunocompromized

I really don’t get the logic to this. If it’s that everyone needs to go to a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, it’s flawed since prescription delivery is available cheaply or for free. It’s free with Walgreens for example, who for better or worse is the biggest pharmacy by far:

If it’s because that’s where people go to get vaccinated, is it really? I’ve been vaccinated 4 times now, in 4 different states, and 3 of those times were outdoors in a drive-thru type situation, and the 4th was in a hospital, where everyone has to wear a mask.

You can always rely on people to wear masks when infected and near others - and to know if they are.

And everyone can get delivery and wait two days for their meds. You have an antibiotic resistant infection so we’re changing your med. No worries to wait to take it! You have uncontrolled BP - don’t worry about waiting for those meds etc, etc, etc.


Around here, if you actually want to receive a vaccine and you aren’t an employee of a hospital, you have a choice of Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Safeway(pharmacy) or Costco(pharmacy).

But as I mentioned above, masks have been required in pharmacies here since the general mask mandate dropped and no one is objecting, so…


Around here

Where’s that? I’d be interested in looking for a non pharmacy vacination site within a 2 or 3 hour drive. Where I am currently (a little town in coastal california north of san francisco) pharmacies look like the only option until you do a little Googling. Then there are many many options within a 2 hour drive.

But even if pharmacies are the only option for hundreds of miles, if vacination sites are the point of this legislation, I’d say mandating or encouraging additional vaccination sites, ideally outdoor, would be more to the point.

Many would object bitterly where I am, for example.

Why, when everyone is required to mask up at the pharmacy a few minutes from home!?! Why would you go hours out of your way to get a vaccination when there is a simple solution like the one suggested in the OP?


Because, of course, people aren’t legally mandated to wear masks in pharmacies everywhere. Hence this discussion. You’re asking for new regulations. And I’m not about to sign a petition mandating masks in pharmacies if the justification is to make them all masked vax sites when there are mask mandated vax sites within easy driving distance for those who are worried about it. And believe it or not, not everyone is worried about it. And if you make regulations like this without really good justification and need you further fatigue people over mask use, which ultimately backfires.

You’re being asked, for the safety of yourself and your fellow humans, to wear a mask, not a fucking Nickelback t-shirt.


But… but… fR3ed0Mz!!! /s


They might as well be walking through a crowded shopping center with an AR-15 loaded with 90% blanks, firing randomly. Except the live rounds are targeting people who are undergoing cancer treatment or who have respiratory insufficiency.

Smooth move.

Except in my state, where that’s been the rule since mid-2021, and nobody objects. Maybe you’re overestimating the pushback even from anti-mask assholes?


No need to get personal or testy. I don’t mind wearing a mask, but I’m not willing to mandate that other people wear one without a really good reason. And a pharmacy, for reasons states, sounds arbitrary.

I have to wear a mask in other health care facilities. And it needn’t be a regulation- the stores could require it on their own.


An ongoing pandemic isn’t a good enough reason for you?


Where I live (northern California) people are literally talking about shooting up government buildings over regulation fatigue, largely over covid. New regulations should, in my opinion, be enacted with extreme caution and only when super needed. I don’t think mandating mask wearing in a pharmacy meets those criteria for reasons stated (delivery of meds is now free, and there’s lots of vax sites where masks are worn, both with a little searching).

There are just as many of those yahoos here as in NorCal. Even they don’t have a problem with masking in healthcare settings.

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You know what… NO. they are ALREADY shooting people and literally trying to overthrow democracy. How about we stop acting like giving them an inch will change that. It will not. We need to stop acting like their fucking hostages and do the right thing, whatever they threaten, because we are already past acts of violence. The more you indulge bullies, the more they demand. Time to start standing firm against these assholes.


People who threaten violence over mask fatigue are just looking for reasons to be violent. Don’t treat them like they are rational.


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If it’s not masks, it’s Democrats voting and winning… if it’s not that, it’s the whole concept of inclusivity in our society… if it’s not that, it’s women being autonomous… Just… ENOUGH of giving into bullies and pretending like they have actual political positions that aren’t hate and tax cuts.


And “they’re gonna take our guns.” Can’t forget that.


They also talk about shooting people for urging people to get vaccinated, being gay, or voting democratic. So, plan A is not to encourage violent sociopaths.


Don’t want to make the terrorists angry…