Massachusetts governor proposes a $5000 bonus for cops who undergo anti-racist training

This. So much this. A sociopath who needs special training to know that racism is bad is probably enough of a sociopath to have learned how to fake it.


I’ve got a better idea: how about a bonus for cops who DON’T GET THE CITY SUED FOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

Look on the bright side - from the look of things the city would save money because that bonus would NEVER HAVE TO BE PAID OUT.


This type of training (as well as screening of applicants on this basis) should be mandatory.

Yeah, if someone offered me $5000 to take a training session, I’d ask how many times I could take it and get paid, then sign up as often as I could, as long as I got paid every time.

I’d take $5000 for a “why Miracle Whip is better than mayonnaise” training.
I’d take $5000 for “Trump is a very stable genius who’s playing 3-D chess” training.





How about a $5000 bonus for cops who report other cops bad behavior. (If the reporting cop has any history of bad behavior the bonus is reduced $1000 per incident.)

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