"Massive scale" shut-down of polling places in districts known for suppressing black voters


I for one, welcomed 2016 UR36, but like all the candidates this year it let me down…


They are the Masters of Projection.


It’s worse than that; on election day voters are required to cast their ballot in their precinct (at least where I am; it may vary by state). Precincts that have Democratic leaning populations are artfully starved of voting booths and polling stations. Their polling places are changed frequently and in ways that generate confusion and inconvenience.

It’s careful, managed voter suppression. At the moment however, it looks like a fail. This time.


Karma baby, the GOP is about to have a very bad decade. Supreme Court will flip, this business with polling places will be over, and a case will hit SCOTUS that ends the gerrymandering of voting districts, congress will flip, if not now then later. And the GOP will get to live the collective kick in the balls they’ve been asking for the past 8 - 10 years.

Then progressives are going to have to put the fire under the Dems before they follow the GOP down the swirling waters of the party toilet.


Confusion is worse than police scrutiny? Well, sometimes, I guess.
The confusion is thick with this one (me) but seldom does it shoot at me.

And… god I hope so… on that last bit.


FTFY :wink:


Being born on third base and acting like he hit a triple, it’s his thing.


Or should that be projectiles?


Yeah, what is with Roberts, anyway? Is he really so incredibly dumb-ass stupid that he really believes this? Or is it just blatant racist hypocrisy? Or a bit of both?

Edit: missing word.


Still waiting…


Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to announce its candidacy? I thought Cthulhu usually opted for the stealth, confusion, and madness tactic.


Could POTUS send in the national guard to run the polls in each closed location?


Confusion … check
Madness … check
Stealth … well two out of three ain’t bad.:octopus:


This is one reason I’m so angry about people who make false equivalencies about the two major parties. They do NOT both do this kind of thing. Democrats do not attempt to enact policies that would keep large numbers of Republicans from exercising their voting rights.


Holy fucksocks, am I glad that I don’t live in Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or North and South Carolina.

(I’ll let y’all know tomorrow morning how long it takes me to vote from start to finish.)




It would be interesting if everyone did this tomorrow. Location, maybe some description of the political and demographic make up of your area, the time of day you voted, and how long it took from arrival to departure. Plus any other additional details (e.g. general mood of voters, intimidation, etc.).

Having said that, I am fully aware that some things are only interesting to me.


Honestly, it will all depend upon how awake I am as to whether I remember to take note of all that input or not.

I’m voting on my way in to work; and based upon past experiences, I don’t really expect any long lines or anyone trying to intimidate anyone else… but good luck to anybody who tries me before I’ve had my first cup of coffee; they’re probably gonna regret it.

Max just needs to own his bigotry, already.

Like Jeffery Osborne said, I really don’t need no light to see through you.


This is seemingly the top comment on the story (Yay troll power)
All those ppl who voted 2-3 times for Hillary, 9 days before the election…


Keep that thought; it would be worthwhile to investigate to see if former Justice Samuel Alito Antonin Scalia votes in this election.