Master Lock opened with plastic iPad wrapper


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I think he was using too much tension. I was certainly holding my breath.

It is interesting to see actual lock picking rather than what happens in the movies.


Quoting “unclear steve” from the Youtube Comments:
“Well played Bill. Though to be fair you could open a master #3 with a well aimed fart.”
I believe BosnianBill has a supercut of the ways you can open a masterlock #3 on his channel


IIRC with those types of like, you just make a shim out of a pop or beer can and slide it to where it latches, popping it open.


About the only movie to show a vaguely accurate version of cracking a combination lock through manipulation was The Escape Artist


I think most movies get it wrong on purpose for the same reason they always bullshit explosives recipes. They don’t want their film to be called a criminal training tool.


Mythbusters did a similar thing when they made up batches of guncotton, rocket fuel, and other explosives. “Then you mix [sfx-cow moo] with [sfx-oink]…”


as far as I remember, william friedkin once got serious problems with the FBI, cause the making of counterfeit money in “ToLiveAndDieInLA” seemed too accurate.


You can make a rake out of anything thin enough to fit the key slot and stiff enough to push the pins down. High quality locks will resist a rake, but almost nobody actually uses high quality locks… the $15 Qwikset on the typical US front door is trivially easy to pick, rake or bump.

But if your walls are made of 2x4 framing faced with drywall, stuffed with fiberglass batts and wrapped with tyvek and vinyl siding, or you have glass windows, there’s really not much point in spending big bucks on a tough lock.


It’s also not very exciting to see a rake fuck a keyhole for five minutes.


Terminator taught me that I could make plastic explosive with mothballs and bleach, if I so chose.


LOL. You’re going with the “I can get i with a brick or a sledge hammer” route, vs the more sly, “They won’t know I was here.”


Kicking down most doors is surprisingly easy.

I know I mentioned this before, but I watched like 5 hours of this guy who does physical security penetration and learned enough to figure out that I can get into our offices with my pocket knife via the door. The fixes to beat the most basic methods are pretty easy too.


Well, if they’re going to take stuff or destroy stuff, I’ll know pretty quick. :slight_smile:

But for practical purposes a highly competent thief will get in no matter how much you spend on home security hardware.

And if you just want an indicator that you’ve been burgled, any old lock will make the average burglar jimmy a window or cut through the wall with a $3 bread knife, hidden behind your shrubs. (or kick down the door, right!) The poor and disadvantaged folk who do most of the petty thievery won’t usually try to pick your lock.


This was the MO of the guys who knocked over our neighborhood when I was a kid. They looked for a house where the lights were off, then smashed the window with whatever was around and stole the electronics.

It was annoying in our case because they broke the window on the door before realizing it was one of the doors where you need a key on the inside too, so they broke the window over another door, found the same problem, and finally just smashed a window. So our stuff got stolen and we had to replace three windows instead of one.

These guys were pros too. They apparently had been making a big road trip of B&E, driving into town and finding a couple of neighborhoods to clear out before skipping town. The cops told us they were finally caught a month later a couple of states away, but all of our stuff had already been pawned off. They were apparently hitting half a dozen houses per day for weeks on end. They clearly had no time to waste picking locks.


There was a bit that I loved in the short lived Terminator TV series. In the pilot episode, Sarah Connor is painting the wall of the house that they have moved into, which seemed uncharacteristically domestic. But before the end of the episode, she smashes the drywall because that is where she had hidden the firearms.



That was the presenter, though at a different place.


There was more wiggling and shimmying in that video than a George Michael performance. Hello? Is this thing on?


Do we need to go that far? He says at the beginning that the plastic was from an iPad cover. I’ve owned multiple iPads and none has had any plastic wrapping as stiff as that shown in the video.