Shooting at locks in an attempt to open them


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Instead of shooting the locks on their face what would happen if you shot them on the top end, that is, the end opposite the keyhole? You need significant deformation of the face to break them. But by hitting them on the top end all you have to do is deform the peened ends of the long rods that hold the lock together. Give it a try.


I thought that shooting the padlock from above, so that it pushes the body down, was the approved method? But maybe the real secret is to shoot the heck out of whatever the padlock is attached to.

Still, I would have liked to see the results of shooting out cheaper locks.


I’m a little concerned by the lack of an apparent backstop at his range. Especially with the 50 cal. Cool video, though.


Is anyone else super worried about ricochets? I’m worried about ricochets.


I speculate that’s why he’s shooting it from a distance rather than from point-blank range with a pistol as is typical in movies and TV.


They still happen. he’s shooting at a pretty solid piece of metal after all.

It seems he did choose to use lead ammunition to prevent them, though.

And I would love to see that barrett hit through a phantom camera, that thing disintegrated.


My faith in the veracity of Hollywood movies has been deeply shaken.


I think I might shoot the hasp. That’s going to come apart much faster than the lock holding the hasp shut.


I’m old enough to remember Masterlock having commercials about how their locks could be shot and still work.

But I am still young enough to be relevant!


My word, that’s a wake up call!

Good thing they’ve learned their lesson and promised to never again play with such dangerous toys.


“Woo! That’s the last one o’ them we’re doin’!”


“I will aim my .44 magnum down at the top of this lock, which is nine inches from my unprotected groin, and thus gain entry to the building. Nothing could possibligh go wrong.”


I remember that too and I remember a comedian saying, "All a crook has to do is see a Masterlock lock and say, 'Hmmm, I wonder who made these hinges…’"


Big deal. Kung Fury can do that.


It’s usually easier just to shoot the guy who has the key.


if you’re too lazy to lockpick, use a drill.


Two words. Shaped charge.


…is the gunniest drill.


exactly. At work so can’t google but have a look at “box o truth shooting padlocks”