These 24" bolt cutters get the job done

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Cordless angle grinders are much more versatile and fun!


I value my digits.

It was a Master Lock? Tbh you could’ve just looked to see if Lock Picking Lawyer has already picked that particular model and use the video as an example on how to open it. Some of the locks can even be opened without fancy lockpicks.

And the bolt cutters are definitely a fast solution but then you’d probably never use them again. Unless you’re going around doing totally legal things on the reg with bolt cutters.

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Beet me to it… posting this link anyway:



Im fast as fuck boiiii

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Regardless of how great his instructions are, I am not going to be picking any locks any time soon. This was frustration-free.

Personally, I’m most curious about the keychain. I’ve got a really cool one I ended up with that is a brass copy of the opening night ticket to Annie on Broadway from 1977. I don’t use it for car keys because it’s a big piece of brass, but it’s cool AF. I thought I lost it once but it turned up eventually. Of course I can’t find it right now, either or I’d post a picture.

Depends on the particular lock model, some do need actual picking but others can be opened with a shim or piece of metal, or a hammer. Granted bolt cutters get straight to the point and the one i would’ve likely chosen as well but now you’ve got 24" bolt cutters taking up space.

Now I have a more vivid fantasy life.


AKA “The keys to the city”

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“Today on Lockpicking Lawyer, I say to hell with it and grab the bolt cutters from the garage…”


You probably could use shims. Though I imagine you could find 24" bolt cutters faster and easier than pre made padlock shims.

Still - I just got my set in a couple weeks ago, so I’m ready for the future!

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We call bolt cutters “Keys to the City”.

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My garage door lock failed, my bolt cutters and angle grinder were locked in the garage. Thankfully my neighbor also has both of those things.

If the lock in question is the one in the picture that’s one of the first locks I learned to pick. It’s pretty easy with a rake or a standard pick.

It’s a Master Lock so you could probably stare at it and it’d unlock


The first locks I picked when I was getting interested in the hobby were Master, they were cheap at the hardware store. Also verrrrry easy to start with.

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