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Like what, pray tell? How so?


Oooh, a topic! :slight_smile:

Well, at least it’s not promising ‘lifetime access’


Hah, that’s awesome. When there’s a post with someone complaining about some business or whatever, and I say to vote with your dollars/patronage instead of complaining, I’m told that complaining effects change, and that participating or not are not the only options. But when someone complains about how terrible BB is? Get on board or GTFO. Beautiful.

Also, didn’t BB used to set the links to the store off with a box or something so it was more obvious it was an advertisement?


Well, yeah. Probably because they’re complaining to posters here, rather than to someone that can do something about it.
I mean, what’s more likely to work, walking into a shop and politely asking to speak to the manager or hanging round the side doors yelling at anyone walking in and out?

Seriously, try Twitter, e-mail or even @-ing the staff in a post. But having a big old sook about it to anyone wandering past here is, well, mostly only going to amuse me. :slight_smile:

  1. You sound disappointed.
  2. BB has been using Stack Social ads for… what, more than a year now? Is this the first time you’ve noticed 'em?


It’s more the whole ‘free speech zone’, ‘the good old days’ that never existed was the thing, plus creating a brand new account and being a jerk about it really helped too. Then he had to double down on it. That was the OMG bit.

Complaining about the AD or Stacksocial? Nobody here would have blinked at it because as stated in other comments that is a bit of a pastime for the denizens here.


No, usually they’re offset like this, with a grey box:

but this Adobe ad didn’t, it was just inline like a normal article.

But hey, adblockers FTW. I just realized I could block these inline ones too, so thanks for teaching me something, BB!


Kind of like. $28 and tax is worth it to become less conflicted about what tablet to pick up. (tl:dr; one on CraigsList?)

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