Master the art of parking with these TikTok videos

Originally published at: Master Parking with TikTok's Chequanxiaoqiao

  1. I can tell you from experience that it is very possible to teach someone to parallel park over the phone. Not into the tightest spots, but under normal circumstances it can be done with a few simple rules of thumb. I’ve done it twice.

  2. You have to know your vehicle. Cars vary wildly in their turning radii. My Sierra 2500 is 22’ long (larger than many marked parking spots) and can barely do a U-turn across a 3 lane divided highway, even with using the far shoulder. It has a worse turning radius than the 28’ trailer it tows. With my old Prius, that was not so much an issue.

I avoid parallel parking wherever possible. I can do it, but I don’t do it often enough to remember the technique. Now, pulling into or backing into a tight space? That I can do. If the spot is wider than my car, I can get in there. Hopefully it’s also wide enough to open my door.


(This guy holds the world record for the tightest parallel parking)

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I once parallel parked my Chevy van in a Georgetown space that was at most a foot longer than the van. Took a while, but it impressed the hell out of my girlfriend. :slight_smile:

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