MasterClass: Your dad teaches loading the dishwasher

I have strong opinions about his handwashing technique. It is wrong! Wrong!

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A dishwasher is overloaded when you can’t close the door. Using force.


it does say “parody” in the title of the video…

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Yeah, call us back when you get some plumbus in there and have a walk-in kitted up like the Millenium Falcon to control the water hardness. Them’s the A-levels I’d AR in for.

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My Dad would tell you that it is wrong, take it all out and re-assemble, groaning all the while.
The penalties for putting a hollow-bottom eggcup in the dishwasher are severe, taking up space that is reserved for wineglasses carries a capital sentence.

I am allowed to do the handwash.


The bloopers at the end are the best part of this.


As a Dad, this is for real. My kids cannot load a dishwasher, and they also don’t set the table right. It makes me crazy.

Also as a Dad and homeowner, that ad on Hulu about how we’re becoming our parents is spot on. Literally did not know my phone had a silent button until late last year. Was just turning the volume down to zero whenever I went to the movies, then forgetting to turn it back up again.

Now I can forget to turn off silent.


Brilliant and fun!

My Dad would finish his meal and immediately retire to the downstairs family room to watch MASH. The dishes we’re done by my Mother and I. In other words, I doubt my father knew how to open the dishwasher, let alone stack and operate it.

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basically just do the sauna… otherwise it’s a time issue

Whoa whoa whoa, we got a ringer here, guys.


And they need to be tested, graded, and forced to retake the class if they didn’t pass. :wink:

It’s that 0.1% that gets you though (and I’d argue it’s higher, more like 1-2%).

Wineglasses in a dishwasher? Handwash only grasshopper.


His motor control is not up to it. And he spent ages sourcing the right shape and construction for the dishwasher :slight_smile:

Plastic in the top drawer, lest it deform.
Any utensil that can slip through the grid and jam the washing arms goes into the caddy handle down, or nestled into one of the racks securely. Steak knives, I’m’a looking at you.
Big pans in the back of the washer, either flat or standing vertically, so as not to interfere with soap dispersal.
Heavy soil in the bottom (lasagna pan); light in the top (cups, veg steamer). Wipe out any chunks.
Descaler monthly, unless your water is very soft. Ditto cleaning the filter.

Rats! It ended too soon. I was hoping to pick up a few pointers…

I seem to recall a video on loading that begins seriously, and ends with “why are you watching this”.

If you have to ask, you are.