Mastodon available for Apple II

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Finally we can capture that elusive Apple ][ userbase

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Are you still using Windows XP?


Ooh, I should email my dad and see if he still has our old Apple ][+ in a closet somewhere. He’s retired, maybe he’s looking for a pointless waste of time project.


There wasn’t too much info about what the RPi was doing, and was the Apple II just a dumb terminal for a huge Python program on the Pi.

Nope. The Pi only takes commands via serial port, makes curl requests to the Internet, and dumps the result back to serial port.

The Apple II seems to be doing all the heavy lifting itself. Impressive!


“So, Mastadon has a reputation for being only for semi-retired bb
nostalgiacs and hardcore computing purists, which is alienating the larger potential userbase. Am I safe to assume future projects in the community pipeline will focus on meeting this challenge with…”


B1FF L1VES! Upgrading his C= 64!

“I’m straight-up interested in Mastodon now there’s a desktop option that doesn’t mean using a hinky website with broken unicode-box icons everywhere.”

Not sure how genuine this is or if it’s a bit, but Get an app for Mastodon - Mastodon lists 15 clients for “desktop” (not immediately clear which OS(s) each supports) and another 9 replacement web front ends.

(Please avoid the “official” apps for iOS and Android listed at the top of the page, they’re garbage and lack essential features. The API is fully open and the only thing special about the “official” apps is that the masto dev endorses them, which everybody in the community agrees was a bad idea to roll his own incomplete solution when so many better options have existed for years.)

Apple IIs and early Macs often still have better keyboards than what comes on our laptops, and are in better shape than any membrane keyboard from more than 10 years ago.

Ah, well, that definitely makes up for the 64kB in RAM, then, doesn’t it?


Did you steal this comment out of my brain and then post it?

If you did, I think that means you owe me a stolen coke or something.

Anyway, same


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