This operating system skin for Raspberry Pi looks like Mac OSX

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Sad thing is, the standard Raspbian OS is very well done and has very high usability anyway…



Since 10.6.8 OS X has forgotten everything about he User Design and Interface guidelines that were established based on research and good design in favor of stupid UI choices (the red button either closes the window or the whole damn app) and insulating the user as much as possible from the OS (when they stopped showing you ~/Library in the Finder, for example).

Let’s not hold OS X up as the paragon of good OS User Design and Interface. If people need to make their Raspberry Pis look like OS X machines, fine. But as @Avery_Thorn notes, Rasbian is quite nice, thank you very much.


I love my raspberry pi with rasbian! Waited years to get one and so glad I finally decided to buy one. Very nice to have a little desktop attached to the tv, plus retro pie is pretty cool. I learned a little about how boards work putting it all together, and now I’m thinking of some potential projects for one of the cheaper models. Also, its very gratifying to do stuff via command line. But agreed, @Avery_Thorn and @Senorwences, raspbian is totally usable!


Awesome! Here are some of my favorite projects that I have set up and have running on my network:

PIX-E GIF Camera:
OnionPi Tor Router:
Open Media Vault:


You can never have too many Raspberry Pis.

(Three in that picture, four elsewhere.)


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