Matt Whitaker and Daredevil's Kingpin, separated at birth?


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Psst, we call him Dick Notch anymore.


My thinking was Curly Howard, since he is just another Trump stooge.


This is a baseless slur on poor Vincent D’Onofrio.


My first reaction was Fisk, glad I wasn’t the only one.


That’s not fair to Curly.



Vincent D’Onofrio

= genius

Let us not libel his good name.


Not separated. Same cartoon character in a different context.


Trump looks like a decomposing jack o’ lantern, and Whitaker an overripe cantaloupe.


Except that the Kingpin was competent.


Well, that’s what I would classify as a uncanny resemblance.
"I will make this city great aga… oops… I mean America. See already have them confused.


Oh come now. Surely everyone sees the resemblance to Baron Ünderbheit!


I see him more like a Roderick Spode.


An actual genius, even. But not the stable kind.


He’s one of my all time favorites. Loved him on Criminal Intent.



That would make Trump into Phantom Limb, only the missing part is his head.


Whitaker looks more like DC’s Blockbuster with that ‘I took too many cross-body shots in scrimmage’ lumpy head.


So much to dislike in this person’s words and actions and we have to sit here and mock his physical appearance?

I mean, he chose to look this way, which kinda makes it fair game, but seriously, can’t we take the high road and despise what he says and does, like grown-ups?


Oh, we are a holistic bunch: some take the high road, some the low comedy road, but they all lead to mocking this disaster from Iowa, next to Steve King, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

Iowa Republicans seem to have a habit of shipping their most loathsome to Washington. Kind of like dumping your garbage elsewhere, I guess.