Who is the best Donald Trump impersonator?


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I think William Shatner is missing an opportunity here. He could be like Tina Fey/Sarah Palin.


I don’t know. I might vote for Christopher Walken.


“Who is the best Donald Trump impersonator?”

Trump, of course! He is a cartoon character of himself, everyday!


If it’s any help, the toxic caterpillar is the one on the right - or was it the left?


How quickly we forget Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman on Saturday Night Live: Trump Divorce Cold Opening


jdd ftw

even better than phil hartman. which i can’t remember ever saying before.


You beat me to it!


Rob Ford did a pretty good job of impersonating Trump for a while.


Goatse guy, end of story. (no link for obv reasons)


Wondered when Today’s Trump Post ™ would be rolling around.

Edited to cover Boing’s Trademark.


No doubt about it, Jon Stewart.


A urine soaked mop standing in the corner of a dive bar men’s room is pretty close.

Probably has too much class, though.


I vote for None Of The Above. Surely, these three guys just started working on their impersonations a day or two ago. These guys can’t be America’s best, can they?


“We”? Came here to say this.


I thought Colbert nailed the essence of Trump quite well.


Trump is an ass, no doubt, but one reason a lot of people love him is because in many ways, and as opposed to most politicians, he’s honest:

“I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.”

I’d hate to see him as president, but if he keeps exposing the sham of “democracy” like that, he’ll be knee-capped even faster than most truth-speakers.



Not even close.


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