Mattel designed a Barbie doll honoring Eleni Antoniadou's accomplishments, but what are they?

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The headline made me think that it was about Barbie’s accomplishments. Which made me think about Barbie sitting down with her boss for an annual review.


The NASA Counterclaim seems to check out:

Even when I was a contractor, I was listed here.


Me too. In fact that’s EXACTLY what the headline says!
I’ve never heard of this woman but I suspect her key accomplishment is to con Mattel into thinking she is famous enough that Barbie users (a) know her and (b) give a toss. So, kudos for that ‘accomplishment’ at least.

And as I have no idea what John Struan’s handle is here (article is posted by ‘BB Contributor’) it is not even possible to @ him to suggest the headline might need a tweak. @beschizza


Barbie can’t sit down like she used to; unless you have a ‘made to move’ Barbie, her legs don’t bend.

Mattel has also unveiled the “Inspiring Women” series which is pretty cool…

Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, and mathematician Katherine Johnson were first.


There’s now Rosa Parks and Sally Ride dolls.

These are the ‘higher end’ Signature Collection, so they are more flexible than the ‘standard fare’ dolls.

Also, the Ibtihaj Muhammad Doll is pretty rad.

Too bad about Ms Antoniadou; I wonder if she came about due to an over reliance on wikipedia for research. I recommend getting one anyway, and then do a OOAK doll of Elizabeth Holmes with face repaint and hair transplant. Someone should be able to pull this off.


She sounds like an excellent candidate for FLOTUS. She meets all the current criteria. Are you saying that’s not worth a Barbie Doll?


I tightened the headline a bit, lol.


Excellent work

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This discussions about edits on her wikipedia page does make for quite an interesting read. Especially how her ties to the horrific Macchiarini scandal are simultaneously downplayed and touted as achievements.


Truly a Barbie Doll for our times.


So…a woman used self-aggrandizing puffery about her accomplishments to elevate her public profile? I’m not really bothered by this. Men have been doing it for centuries, so long that it is nearly an accepted practice on resumes and CVs.

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I get really tired of how gullible people, and especially journalists who should know better, are about claimed academic achievements by very young people. I mean it isn’t like academic achievement does not leave a paper trail. And, frankly, no matter how bright one is, in most academic fields (especially scientific ones) you can’t really jump ahead of everyone that quickly. It’s like all the bruhaha about Elizabeth Holmes being such a genius, although she dropped out of college after her freshman year.


Only among vermin. It’s something I’m not at all forgiving about.


Time for a blogger ethics panel! They don’t have time for silly research or reference checks; back to tweeting!

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So… have these been released?

There are hardcore barbie collectors out there, and I suspect that if these were produced, then get pulled off the shelves, that these may be the “rare and valuable” barbies in say 50 years.


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