Matthew McConaughey reacts to 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer




So “Matthew McConaughey reacts to” is the new “Hitler gets bad news”.



it’s true. this is me every time so far.


sometimes people say “this wins the internet today”. but this does win the internet today.


Yeah, that was my reaction, beat for beat.


This was me watching on my phone at work. This was my wife and I when I showed it to her after work.


I’ll take an original movie over a recycled ninth sequel childhood fetish space walmart franchise any day.


Yep, it’s just another exercise in Pavlovian marketing. The bit at the end with an obviously disengaged, paycheck -grabbing Ford is hilarious - it looks like a Fallon sketch.


Not enjoying this just seems misanthropic to me. I’m fully prepared to bawl my eyes out in a theater come December. From my experience, it’s not a good film if I’m not. Sequel? No, no, no… this is a series. Originality really is the combination of two or more pre-existing concepts. That’s where true creativity is born. So, misanthropes, do your worst. However, the catharsis required to produce this film is merit enough for me to stake out a good seat at my local cinema. For some, this film series is a cornerstone of many a generation. Hence, the emotional response. Those who don’t react in this way merely lack empathy. Cynics are ingrates. Get in touch. This film will be awesome.


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