Max Factor profiled


so that’s what happened to Pinhead…


From the article: “first, orthochromatic film, dominant until 1927, and to a lesser degree its successor, panchromatic film—rendered dark colors darker and light colors lighter…”

What they meant to say is that reds appeared black on ortho film.

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Your suffering will be legendary… even in Hell!

Brain and Brain! What is Brain???

I know some people think of SAW movies when they see this, but I think of LOOKER, from 1981.

“You probably think I’m beautiful, Dr. Roberts, but I’m not. I have lots of defects to fix. I have a list right here. My nose is .2 millimeters too narrow. And my cheekbones are .4 millimeters too high. And my chin has a little .1 bump here. And my areola distance is 5 millimeters. And I have a mole here on my ribs. So I need plastic surgery.”

“You need the kind of makeup that pokes needles in your eyes.”

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