Maybe sexting wasn't quite the crisis they warned us about


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Sexting has gone meta.


Are any of these ‘crises’ ever what they warned us about?


Roger That!


But but but! It’s that thing! You know, the thing the kids are doing! What more evidence of a crisis do you need??!??!!??!


This calls for an unsolicited dik-dik pic:


And also, last panel of this comic…


Wasn’t the problem with sexting always more to do with the potential for exploitation or exposure (particularly of teens) by (ex) partners threatening to share their nudes?


Can you have it say, “Me so horny”?


You forgot ‘thing the kids are doing that I don’t do/don’t know how to do’. Also works if you replace ‘kids’ with ‘any group I’m nervous about’.


especially the young men of the governing class, are habituated to lead a life of luxury and idleness both of body and mind; they do nothing, and are incapable of resisting either pleasure or pain.

Plato (Republic, Book II, Socrates - Adeimantus), ca. 380 BC


So, basically the marijuana (non-gateway drug) of sexual behavior?


On the other hand, Anthony Weiner’s sexts provided an opportunity for James Comey to interfere and put America’s nukes in the hands of an unstable narcissist. Maybe sexting is the end of the world after all…


VENICE: Very Excited Now I Caress Everywhere

Next crisis…


Nice. We’re sharing Dick pics?


“I’ll see your dik-dik, and raise you four Dicks.”



I wanted to meet in England, but she said France.


Those are some nice boobies.