Kids who sext more likely to be comfortable with their sexuality


The headline seems like a big “no duh” for me. The big story here is a bit buried and it is the lack of correlation between teens who sext not engaging in future risky behavior.

Except for the part about being prosecuted for child pornography for your own naked selfies. It’s happened at least once, and I think it counts as a risk.


When I glanced at the text below the headline, I read it as 6 year olds find sexting common.

After spitting beer all over my monitor, I then reread the sentence correctly, to my relief.


I used to use beer too. Now I use these special sprays they make specifically intended for monitor cleaning.


Helpful tips such as this are what make the Internet a valuable tool, for making life easier and safer.


Someone does not understand how mosiacing works. The face in that picture is quite recognizable.

Yes, they really need to be clear that they mean sexual risk-taking.

Also, society has not yet caught up with the ubiquity of sexting, and those teens may have an interesting 3rd and perhaps 4th decade of life as we catch up.

Wait, are you telling me that teenagers have sex lives which are predominately survivable and healthy as they cross invisible boundaries into adulthood? Shocked, shocked I say.


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