Mayonnaise makes awesome music when played as an instrument


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More like this please!


Good to see they are using Hellmann’s (Best Foods) and not that awful Miracle Whip.


This could be used for a Hellman’s ad, except for how that spoon-hitting-pile-of-mayo visual
gets re-e-e-e-a-lly unappetizing.


Yea, well, just don’t eat that serving, okay? Just eat the one that goes “tump, tump” and the one that goes, “skrit skrit.”


Vile and disgusting shit, I hate it.


Does this work with that vegan stuff?


Welp, that’s enough internet for today.


My wife laughs at me for pronouncing “mayonnaise” with only two syllables.


Is there some other weird way of saying it?


Man Ass?

(BBS: Post must be a full dissertation on Marcel Proust)


I don’t like listening to mayonnaise any more than I like eating mayonnaise.


I like mayonnaise. And I pronounce it with two syllables. So there.

I’m gonna go slather me some maynase on a salami sandwich right now, while melodically slapping a bowlful with the back of a spoon. Good times!


Of course it’s only two syllables:


:notes: Maaa-aaaa-aaa-aaaayy-ooo
Sandwich come and me wanna go eat. :notes:

C’mon. I cant be the only one that does this on opening a new jar.


More like a spoon and a mayo jar and lid are instruments.


Squeezable Miracle Whip bottles make an awesome farty sound, which would have made an even more awesome tune…


No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument (and it’s barely a foodstuff - Dijonnaise, please).


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