Mayor is shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- to learn his truck had over 440 pounds of cocaine in it

but still not overrated

They finally get a guy into the White House again, but it’s Donald Trump so it’s utterly useless to them and just brings extra attention they don’t want

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Or, to put it in layman’s terms, enough to get three Olympic sized swimming pools off their tits for a long weekend; or sufficient to poison a town the size of Whitefish, Montana, 16.7 times over.

How much is that in Rhode Islands?


Hey, I can relate. Times are tight and the bills keep coming. A man’s got make bank.

Had to look this one up. Got reclassified by the FDA as a schedule IV controlled drug in 2014. As a controlled drug (one where they have concern for potential abuse), your Dr. gets to jump through all sorts of fun loops to comply with schedule drug regulations.

We never scripted a lot of the stuff as a vet hospital, so we tried complying with the new regs for a while, but it was taking so much of our tech’s time to do all of the daily paperwork, that we just stopped prescribing it in house, and sent our rx’s to local human pharmacies. Let them do the onerous paperwork (that they’re probably doing a lot of anyways).

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Maybe it’s my apparently genetically broken opioid receptors, but I cannot figure out who would abuse Tramadol? All the negative side effects of a proper opioid with none of the only useful feature - sleep.

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OMG. You must have taken Tramadol!! I was on it for YEARS before I realized it didn’t let me actually SLEEP on it. I now take the last dose at 1pm-2pm so it wears off enough to sleep at night. It mostly manages both pain and mood. I guess I would consider a different alternative, but I guess I am scared about 1) doctors seeing changing a drug I’ve been on for years as chasing some new high or something, 2) what ever else I try doesn’t end up managing pain and mood as well. :confused:

But I can’t tell you the relief that another person understands the problems it creates with sleep.

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Thing is, I get no pain relief from Tramadol or Vicodin. Vicodin in the US sucks because they add Tylenol to ruin your liver (and also does fuckall for pain for me). Tramadol is worse than useless because it doesn’t even let me sleep. The only way I figure opioids work at all on me is by making me want to go to sleep because you don’t feel pain when you’re sleeping. The two times I’ve had Morphine, the pain was barely touched, but I was seeing ‘trails’ and eventually projectile vomited. Fucking useless entire class of drugs for me.

CBD, OTOH, works great for me. Bodies are weird.

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(Homer voice) Mmmm… morphine. Aarrggglleeee. I had that once after back surgery. I can see why people use it. I did over do it once and got sick. Oops.

Anyway - yes bodies are weird. Chronic pain sucks. Management is hard. It gets even harder due to people abusing drugs and now I am treated like a drug shopper when I am just trying to manage my pain. Though fortunately, I am in a much better place for that with my current doctor.

I am so glad that you seem to have found a way to manage yours!

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I’m fortunate in that I don’t have chronic pain, only acute pain associated with a trauma (broken bone, torn shoulder cuff, back muscles went on strike, that sort of thing).

I guess it’s good to know that I’m very low risk for opioid addiction. :smirk:

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All opiates keep me awake I’ve found.

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Yeah, Mr. Kidd has a similar reaction. Total bummer.

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