Florida sheriff arrests mayor on drug charges: "This isn't Toronto"


No, it’s Florida.

Not much of an improvement regarding corruption, I gather.


And that’s not incense…(BOOM!)

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Toronto police were investigating a much bigger criminal organization when they came upon Ford’s criminal behaviour. This led to them investigating Ford separately that led to Lisi’s arrest in connection with dealing… That then led to the media being able to gain access to what the police had put together against Ford so far (as far as they had used it in the request for a warrant).

The point being - the Police are very openly investigating Ford, but arresting him for hanging out with lowlifes and admitting to smoking crack is small potatoes. I’m of the belief (and hope I’m not wrong), that they’re after bigger charges. Which means building a solid case, gathering solid evidence, and putting the whole filthy picture together. Hell, just following Ford led them to another dealer.

Ford is a millionaire who can afford good lawyers who will get as much dismissed as possible. So putting him in cuffs on something minor with nothing actionable will see him out the door before he sees a cell, and only make him appear a martyr. A real case has to built.


That kind of makes you wonder if Toronto PD or some other Canadian law enforcement might think that Ford is in this more than as just a user, and until they establish that, there’s no advantage in pursuing him.

Maybe he’s Toronto’s Whitey Bulging…

I wouldn’t be too surprised if they find that his brother Doug still has some connections.

Ha, no shit.

wow, having your city’s integrity slammed by a Florida cop of all people has got to suck.


Call it the “Quimby Symdrome”

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