Mayor Rob Ford recording: drunken, sexist, racist, homophobic, abusive rant

All query into his private life was precipitated by public occurrences related to same especially where these intersected with his holding of public office.

He’s free to be a criminal but it is quite clear he needs to be a much better criminal if he does not like how he is treated for it being known.

Nothing that a public figure does has the expectation of privacy.

I thought I made it pretty clear that I’m specifically in disagreement with the preponderance of coverage, the faux-outrage, the calls of “THIS (INSERT ACT HERE) IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!”.

The scandal is, by any measure, over. Posting yet another video where Rob Ford is smoking crack, being a racist, a homophobe, an idiot, after he suspended his campaign, is nothing more than tabloid click baiting. It’s disappointing, especially when there’s actual news to be covered.

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Obviously there’s nothing “faux” about Cory’s outrage; calling it that is gibberish.
Really, your attempt to change the subject (“The problem isn’t Rob Ford, it’s Cory Doctorow!”) is pretty transparent.
Rob Ford is the subject here, and he’s a powerful man. Speeding him out of office is a worthy goal.

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Hey, nobody’s perfect. We’ve all made mistakes. He never said he was going to completely give up drinking. &c.

(He really doesn’t need to give press conferences any more. You could just choose his responses out of a phrasebook.)

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He’s like the Hardest Working Man in Debauchery.


Rob Ford is the subject here, and he’s a powerful man. Speeding him out of office is a worthy goal.

He’s already gone. His campaign is suspended, he’s been stripped of his powers of office, and a lot of people in this very thread are suspecting his imminent death from too much partying.

Another video/audio recording now will do absolutely nothing to further any process, so posting about it is really just regurgitating garbage content, the kind of activity worthy of the Daily Mail.

“All query into his private life was precipitated by public occurrences related to same especially where these intersected with his holding of public office.”

Maybe you should clarify, that those “public occurrences” at first mostly consisted of being somewhat intoxicated at a street party.

It goes without saying, that if he had followed the talking points of the left-of-centre political establishment in Toronto (and let them keep dipping their beaks in the city’s coffers!) that he could have been caught smoking heroin and fondling teenage boys and the Toronto Star et. al. wouldn’t have made a peep about it.

Rob Fords real and original sin of course, consisted of not being part of Toronto’s liberal elite, not having the correct, left of centre opinions-

(Trying to lower taxes, and wasn’t wringing his hands about the environment… Why how DARE he? And he coaches a football team?!?What a plebe!)

-and being popular among common -people.

And of course, he served as a perfect cause célèbre and whipping boy, a handy stand-in for Harper, for the champagne socialists in Ontario who otherwise have been going from defeat to defeat this last decade.

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Not to be naive, but (said of Karen Stintz):

Ford: “I’d like to fucking jam her, but she don’t want…”

I assume that comment is of a sexual nature? Never heard the term “jam” before in this context.

How would uttering a falsehood clarify anything?

While his behaviour as a councillor did not escape notice & included pubic intoxication, threats & abusive behaviour, COI incidents on the council floor & elsewhere, domestic strife sufficient to draw police attention and general buffoonery many more people took note during his initial run for Mayor.

My favourite in that time period was the occasion where the candidate Ford denied at a public press conference having ever been charged with drug possession, a question posed by a SUN News reporter.

As -nothing goes without saying- I’ll tell you that the reporter was already in possession of the arrest report & knew he had been charged with drug possession & DUI & that the possession charge was plea-bargained away to secure an easy conviction on the DUI.

He has raised taxes more than his predecessors & how did he get into coaching? As conditions of his probation resultant of the DUI conviction in Florida.

Good trick, deciding to make a fantasy into community service in order to assist in achieving a deferred adjudication to have the conviction expunged, except that the record will always be there. He needed to make it go away, that was the year he first ran for office.

All populists are popular among so-called common people, few have turned out to be any more than crooks though most simply don’t have the penchant for open criminality that Ford has or were simply better at hiding it. Populists are liars practically by definition.

Stand in for who? Harper will no longer have anything to do with him & Flaherty is dead. Ford has as his campaign team his criminal brothers, disgraced athlete Ben Johnson & a group of people who requested to be anonymous. Those who helped him before all abandoned him with good reasons, even the other crooked ones left, except his brothers.

But you go ahead & stick with him. I’m sure that’s at least some sort of distinction, right?

Hell of an epitaph, “Here lies the dumbest rat on the ship”


It doesn’t go without saying, because you said it. However, you are wrong. Media looooves themselves a train wreck, and they generally don’t care about who was at the controls. You really think the Toronto Star (or the Sun) would hesitate to publish the lurid details if Olivia Chow wins, then partakes in a life of debauchery?

It would be more accurate to say that many people are willing to forgive/ignore when it’s “their guy.” It just so happens that Rob Ford has fewer people that like him compared to the number who dislike him.

There is absolutely a benefit to broadcasting the antics of the laughable bumblefuck.

Next time some snake-oil salesman comes to city hall talking of gravy maybe people will remember.

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Why should we care? Because an assclown degenerate like Ford might reach a position of real power and he (or some ambitious henchman or puppetmaster) might start building pyramids of human skulls.

People generally base their votes on what they know (or think they know) of the candidates. If the media coverage exposing him as a vile, incompetent criminal who also has serious substance abuse problems sways some of those votes then so be it.


The Globe & Mail is hardly some sort of lefty publication trying to take down conservatives. The Star is the scrappier underdog. If Ford has lost the G&M and the Star, he’s cooked. but don’t stick a fork in him.

I’m so confused. I thought this was the toad-licking dog thread.


Is there a video of Rob Ford licking a cane toad? I really wouldn’t be surprised if there was at this point.

Perhaps more significant than losing the G&M or the Star (the latter of which he never had in the first place), the Sun has called on him to resign. Multiple times now, I may add.


C’mon. Bieber and Ford. Cage fight. Pleeease.

Woaaaa . . . slow down there, you make it sound like coke is all bad, conveniently forgetting that it gets you really really high.


He can and should be able to lose his elected office for conduct
unbecoming or criminal activity. That it is taking so long for that to
occur is a reflection of both the best and worst of that system.

Ummm, how so? He can only lose his elected office if he has actually been convicted of criminal behaviour and sent to jail. Even if there were criminal charges against him (which he is fond of pointing out, there are not), he would only be forcibly removed from office when he was sent to the slammer – which given trial times might not be for a long time, well after the next election this Fall.