May's speech in Florence

About to start…

According to the Guardian, she’s going to say that our future is bright (not orange, Boris! Or maybe it will be…closer to the US after all):

“Our fundamental strengths are considerable; a legal system respected around the world; a keen openness to foreign investment; and enthusiasm for innovation; an ease of doing business; some of the best universities and researchers you can find anywhere; an exceptional national talent for creativity and an indomitable spirit.”


a legal system respected around the world = Our judges are generally considered to be less bent than those in most of the 3rd World; foreigners all speak English so like to sue in English rather than have to deal with litigating in the language of only one party to the proceedings and the US is stupidly expensive and has bonkers judges.

a keen openness to foreign investment = We’ll sell anyone anything. Would you like to spend some time with my sister?

enthusiasm for innovation= We’ll let you do anything!

an ease of doing business = We really mean it - anything!

some of the best universities and researchers you can find anywhere = For the moment. We’d quite like to stop them all buggering off elsewhere so please help us out.

an exceptional national talent for creativity and an indomitable spirit = Look, we’ve even managed to delude ourselves into thinking we’re still important!

"May says the UK will continue to work with the EU as a sovereign nation, with the British people in control.

That is what the referendum was about.

People want more direct control, she says. They want decisions made in Britain by people who are accountable to them.

That is why the UK has never “entirely felt at home being in the EU”.

The EU never felt “an integral part of our national story”, she says.

Pooling sovereignty can bring great benefits. But it also means countries have to accept decisions they don’t want.

So that is why the UK voted to leave."

Nice. Let’s not mention how many of those decisions were promoted and pushed for by our governments and then presented to the UK public as things they’d love to do something about but couldn’t because EU.

"May says her Lancaster House speech still stands.

Since then, the UK has published 14 Brexit papers and there have been three rounds of negotiations."

All of which are so vague as to say nothing - apart from we’d quite like you to agree to give us all the good bits of being in the EU without any of the stuff we don’t.

May says she wants EU nationals in the UK to stay. We value you, she says.

No, that’s not the message I got from the referendum or the radio phone-ins since.

She says one of her goals is to guarantee their rights.

The guarantee she is giving is clear, she says.

Yes, the guarantee is that some EU citizens will get some sort of rights (what isn’t clear) and that what those rights are and whether they have been granted will be determined by UK courts on the basis of laws made by the UK government which they can change whenever they like.

So I’ll promise you some rights but I might take them away whenever I feel like it.

She says no one would doubt the value of UK courts.

I would.

But over time there will be divergence. She wants UK courts to be able to take into account the judgements of the European court of justice in making decisions on these matters.
May says UK willing to promise that ECJ rulings will be taken into account in UK court decisions affecting EU nationals.

(This goes further than what the government has said before. It amounts to a concession to the EU.)

No. It doesn’t. Taking into account means sod all. UK courts already take all sorts of decisions in all sorts of other jurisdictions “into account”.

May says dispute resolution after Brexit should not be left to the ECJ, or to the UK courts. An alternative mechanism is needed, she says.

Yay! more jobs for lawyers and judges. Finally some good news!

Obviously the independent court set up to arbitrate disputes among and between EU members isn’t good enough. We need another court.

Where’s this one going to be based? Interested job-hunters want to know.

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