McDonald's Japan's straws are designed to mimic the experience of nursing at your mother's breast


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Never change, Japan.


Representing China:

He created Nipple Straw to help people enjoy again the happiness of their childhood.


But my mouth is a good deal bigger than a baby’s. Relative flow rate or absolute? Also, there’s a temperature difference between milkshake and mommy, assuming she’s alive.


Recreating the experience of your birth during the Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. So, shakes are thicker than mothers milk and sodas are thinner. Do they have different straws engineered for each?
  2. And do they sell small, medium and large, or do they use cup sizes? Sorry, it was there…


that’s believable. I’ve seen breast-feedable nippeles, and the totally have holes the size of a large milkshake straw.

do we have a thread devoted to eye-roll gifs? We should have one.


But will they go the extra mile and leave my mouth tasting like celery salt?


McDonalds corporation is fixated on breasts as a means for subconsciously attracting consumers.

Their logo was no mistake, it was designed to echo mothers’ breasts. I wish I was being sarcastic.


Those recall mothers’ breasts? Maybe if mom were a Bill Ward pinup.

Edit: Spoiler blur works in preview… Oh well.

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Arguably, any thread about gamergate, cops, guns or racism/sexism :smile:


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