McDonald's spreads Christmas cheer


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they forgot to draw in the wedding ring


Didn’t even need to read the tweet to see what wasn’t supposed to be seen within this remarkably bad (or was it made by a disgruntled worker?) “mitten” design.


Are the thumbs separated by finger ruffles on the actual cup?


Perverts are why we can’t have nice things…


Here’s the real cup:


Oh mittens, now I see them! Thanks for pointing that ou.


Yes, I’d like McGoatse combo meal - super sized.


Well, looks like McDonalds have finally designed a process to ensure their coffee is served within a temperature range that doesn’t cause third degree burns.
Warmest greetings indeed.


Thank you–I was wondering when clinking light bulbs together had become a thing.


It took me forever to realize those had been drawn on.


McDiarrhetic’s finally puts a little truth in their advertising and still they can’t win!

That said, the hands should be tinier. We all know why.


Ho Ho Hole?


Beat me to it! It’s an appropriate metaphor for the quality of their coffee, which I have a love/mostly hate relationship with, being a night-shift worker with few other choices (mainly 7/11). I remember when they rolled out the McCafe thing a while back, and all the talking heads were like ‘McDonalds poised to offer Starbucks quality coffee products’, ha, way to set the bar low.

Although it’s $1.50 for a large coffee and an apple pie, so there is that :slight_smile:


Sympathies. When I know I’m going to be out of range of my coffee maker for a while, I make a fresh pot and fill up a vacuum thermos. When it comes to instant coffee, I can’t even…

At least it’s cheaper than Starbucks. The prices at Starbucks add insult to injury.


runs to McDonald’s

orders coffee in a large asscup


Iknowrite? I was gonna reply to the OP with “This has gotta be fake” or “shooped, I can see the pixels”


I see what you did there.


And the coffee is shittier than McD’s.

Fun fact: SBUX burns their beans on purpose so they can load up on the high-fructose corn syrup and make it more addictive.


Didn’t McDonald’s get sued before because their coffee was “too hot.”