McDonald's Black Friday oopsy tweet


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Prescient tweet, I’d say.


Fuck McDonalds and Fuck their shitty coffee.


Their coffee is decent. It’s the best thing on the menu.

Also, nice save, Ronald.


Clumsy and unprofessional, but it’s refreshing to see an accidental tweet that didn’t turn out to be reprehensible and vile.


McD’s coffee (not the espresso, mind you) is average, not terrible, and certainly better than most fast, easily-available sources.


And accurate


Should have blamed it on lack of Coffeefee


Clearly a typo for “Need coffee and think”


It’s the best thing on the menu…

Egg McMuffin


Partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverage.



It’s certainly improved a lot in the last few years.

Just avoid the weird gummy-sweet creamer they use that makes the iced coffee all thick and strange.


Just yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about receiving a pattern of marketing emails bearing the subject line CORRECTION: BRAND NAME this deal blah blah blah… These usually show up in my inbox right at the point in time when that company’s most recent email has become buried by others. Their original email-mistake is never actually worth correcting, but the company wants me to remember their name, so they make sure I see it twice, and maybe also “humanize” their image (aw, we all make mistakes!) Might even get a mention on one of my favorite blogs. This is the type of ad that ad-blocking software doesn’t catch.


What kind of clowns do they have running that company?

Oh, right.


Original story made me chuckle.
Wendy’s tweet added to the fun.
Then… the downer. WENDY’S LEFT THE UK IN 2000 AND I HAVEN’T HAD A SQUARE BURGER IN YEARS!!! :rage::cry::rage::cry::rage:

…and breathe


Nope; you’re thinking of their “espresso”. Their COFFEE is 100% coffee, albeit not amazingly high quality. That said, it’s decent enough, compared to similarly fast, accessible (especially late at night) offerings.


That’s easy, I avoid even the choicest of gourmet non-dairy creamers.


When a tweet fails to go through the ten layers of corporate and legal approval…

Response took 9 hours because it was properly vetted and a/b tested.


How did anyone notice this?

Who is following McDonald’s on Twitter???