Someone used McDonalds' Twitter account to call Trump a "disgusting excuse for a president" with "tiny hands"


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I’m lovin it.


An internal investigation is narrowing in on a suspect…


It is hoped 45 will take no notice of this rebellious tweet and will have as many daily meals of hydrogenated fats, insulin-spiking white bread buns, ample helpings of soft serve and high fructose syrup as it takes for his body to shut down.

Maybe he’ll make an inspirational “I have been to the muffintop” speech,


You won’t take me alive!


Skeptical? What do they think, this is official corporate policy?


Hacked by these guys:


Officer Big Mac is on the case!


I saw these guys last year. I went in expecting it to be funny for a few songs and getting old but I ended up grinning ear to ear the whole show. How they play Black Sabbath note for note in those costumes is baffling.


at least someone at McD’s has a real beef



Thanks “someone”.


I hear from some of the best people that Donald Trump has tiny hands. Has anybody else heard this? And by that, I mean that Donald Trump has tiny hands. Just wondering.



It was either that, or they “fired their intern”.


I want to hope that’s real, but was the word “bitch” used like that in the 70s? I was too young to be cussing in the 70s, myself.


As pleasing as that telegram is to contemplate, I’m with you on challenging its authenticity.

I was 11 in August of '73, so my memory of cursing usage should not be considered an authoritative source either.


I don’t think the word “bitch” referring to a man was common usage back then, but I could be wrong.


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Quite sure it’s a joke. And a funny one too. The anachronistic language just adds to the humor.

The message written below doesn’t match the information above. Wrong typeface. Also too sharp.



Totally in character for Ray Kroc though: