Meanwhile, back at the office


mark [10:38 AM]
How about " why canned soup tastes like goop" for the hed

rob [10:38 AM]

mark [10:38 AM]
i like the word goop

mark [10:38 AM]
we should try to use it more often

jason [10:39 AM]
A photo series of “What is this goop?” asking readers to identify goop might be fun.

mark [10:41 AM]
A photo series of “What is this goop?” love it!

xeni [10:41 AM]

xeni [10:41 AM]
also a comparative infographic chart of goop

xeni [10:41 AM]
snot, slime, ooblek, etc

xeni [10:41 AM]
we could $$$$ with that

mark [10:41 AM]
Some could be of delicious pudding, others could be of medical waste

xeni [10:41 AM]
oatmeal versus infant diarrhea

jason [10:41 AM]
engine sludge

jason [10:41 AM]
septic waste

xeni [10:42 AM]
now you’re talkin

mark [10:42 AM]
we gotta do it!


must. gouge. out. mind’s. eye.


Goop? But what would Gwynnie say?


Goop soup:

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