Meanwhile, Kavanaugh pal Mark Judge hides out in Delaware beach house with his Superman comics

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This is all getting to be the most godawful soap opera ever.

Now where the hell is that popcorn bowl??


A recovering alcoholic should know better than anyone that just because you have no memory of taking part in a shameful act doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.



Dear lord I hate AA. You’ve either stopped drinking or you haven’t. That’s it. You’ve either stopped or you haven’t. There is no ‘recovery’ involved here.
ETA and I should know.


This guy is a real lowlife, on the one hand milking his addiction for all it’s worth and on the other hand being the kind of holier-than-thou conservative Catholic who’s quick to condemn any PoC or woman who messes up, often in gleefully bigoted language.


A good reminder that AA does not work. It’s a cult filled with religiosity and other bullshit.


The lawyer also pushed back on the apparent hire of an “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” — as a top Grassley staffer appeared to mention in an earlier email — to question Kavanaugh and Ford on behalf of Republicans.

He’ll be on standby…


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Especially a self-described blackout drunk. “I do not recall the event that took place in a period of time when I was drinking too much to remember anything,” ain’t worth much as a disclaimer. Though I’m sure he knows that very well - he’s just hoping no one else does.


Not disagreeing, but that’s not what the article says

“The Surgeon General of the United States 2016 Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health states “Well-supported scientific evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of twelve-step mutual aid groups focused on alcohol and twelve-step facilitation interventions.” [1]

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Allot of stress for a guy supposedly telling the truth.


Well, to be honest, even if he is telling the truth, it’s still hell of a stressful situation to be in. Of course, if he’s lying, or desperately trying to avoid thinking about the subject lest he recall something he’d rather not, the stress is tenfold. Under different circumstances I’d probably feel sorry for him.

Am I the only one who, when they read Mark Judge, mentally read that as Mike Judge first, and then just imagine the candidate and his buddy playing frog baseball?****__


Hold up…

What does a man with nothing to hide do? He runs off to a beach house in Delaware, and finds refuge amid piles of rumpled clothes and boxes of vintage Superman comics.

I have absolutely nothing to hide and I would LOVE to run off to a beach house and laze about in rumpled clothes with boxes of vintage comics. Throw in a few bottles of bourbon and the number for pizza delivery and I could be there for months.


Artistic license?

Also, IMO, one less person actively defending Kavanaugh the better. Let the rest of them hide out in their beach houses and stop making excuses.

He confessed to an ex-gf that he’d “taken turns” with drunk women. It seems likely they weren’t all consensual encounters. If he’s sad enough to cry, he can just turn the music up so no one can hear him. It’s adolescent, I know, but this is how I feel about rapists and would rapists:

Was mentioned in the WaPo article.

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I certainly think that is why the Republicans do NOT want him giving sworn testimony in public. By most accounts, him and Kavanaugh were best buds during that time and this would NOT help Kavanaugh’s image.


Actually, that’s the funny part. The Surgeon General says it works and that there is evidence it works. The evidence all seems to indicate that it does not, at best the evidence suggests AA works about as well as other programs that don’t require you to find god.


An interesting profile of Mark Judge from the WaPo the other day.