Brett Kavanaugh lied to the Senate. Many times. Here's a long list, and a video supercut

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Well, does the Constitution state a Supreme Court Judge cannot lie under oath?/s



He could have just stuck to lying about Dr. Ford’s allegations and left it as a case of “he said/she said,” but of course he instead chose to lie about stuff that he knew dozens of people could call him out on (like his youthful penchant for drinking to excess). Not just dishonest but outright stupid.


yeah, he could have done that, but then he would have been open to admitting he got black out drunk, and he did not really know what he did during those hours. And so he would have been suspected of assaulting her in his drunken stupor, and he probably would not have been approved.

In the context of our current political atmosphere he has played it the way that will most likely be successful. Full partisanship, complete and utter denial, lying about anything that undermines the denial, unprovable lies where it matters, and obvious lies where it seem not to. It leaves the GOP with no choice but to back him up.

The sick thing is we know he did it, and we know he knows he did it. The man is an utter piece of shit.



A fitting legacy for President Trump, since, for now, it seems he can’t nominate himself to the court.


What’s the big deal? It’s not like he’s running for presid… oh. Never mind.

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Is there a rule of law in the US?


I think it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t remember doing it. In the grand scheme of things it was a far less consequential night for him than it was for Dr. Ford, and we know he was trashed even before she left the party. Who knows how many more drinks he threw back after she escaped.

He’s likely livid because someone has the gall to hold him accountable for something he can’t clearly remember doing.


well, a “sputtering, raging, serial liar” got elected as President, so why not?


No, its more like this. He blacked out all the time, and he still does not believe he would do that. But he thinks people are taking advantage of him because everybody knows he can’t possibly remember what he got into.


That’s being decided.
At this point it’s not looking good for team Rule-of-Law.


Everybody saying he was blacked out is going, I think, too easy on this Bro-Flake.
I think he is outraged because he doesn’t see why it should mater either way.


It is reasonably obvious that he doesn’t believe that he was a teen with a serious alcohol problem. That’s the advantage of hanging out with an alcoholic. So long as he was not quite as bad.he can convince himself that he didn’t have a problem, even if he isn’t convincing anybody else.


I don’t think anyone important believes he didn’t do it. For Republicans (if they care about the reality at all), the defense is clearly that this was a long time ago and/or not that bad. And the fucked-up thing is, they could have just been open about that. If they’re going to confirm him regardless, they could have used the hearing to paint him as a reformed character – without admitting to anything actionable, he could have said “I was a shithead but I’ve grown and repented”. It wouldn’t have changed any minds and he’d still be on the Supreme Court, but it would at least acknowledge that sexual assault is real and not OK.

It seems like they’ve deliberately played it as a “fuck you”, like, they want to be hate figures to anyone not on their side. The increasingly overt pitch seems to be “you’re either the rapist or the victim”, and when that pitch is winning, it’s… quite dark.



I don’t think that’s quite correct. There is no statute of limitations on sexual assault crimes in Virginia. So, if he did admit to it, he could still be charged with the crime.

(I can’t quite remember where I read that, but it was on the internet, so it must be true.)

My internet reading was that while Maryland (rather than Virginia) has no statute of limitations on felonies, that crime would have been a misdemeanor when it occurred, and so the statute of limitations has run out. On that one crime.

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