Mechanical keyboards for photo editing

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If you are into customized keyboards, you might like my custom keyboard layout for Premier (and other NLEs).

This puts all the shortcuts you need most on the left side of the keyboard, so your right hand doesn’t have to leave the mouse (it also uses upper and lower case only, eliminating weird combinations like control-shift, etc.).

These are specifically designed to be intuitive for people who know how to type.

Full explanation and tutorial video here: Dave’s Editing Shortcuts Tutorial – Dave Blair Camera & Editing.


There’s a plugin called MIDI2LR that allows MIDI controllers to be mapped to Lightroom. I assume there’s something similar for photoshop. That means you can have 32 knobs for your level controls.

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Midi2lr might be the best thing about Lightroom classic. Does Lightroom cloud work with plugins yet? Unusable without it.

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I liked the clacking sounds that Deckard’s photo editor made.


I don’t see an Enhance key on these keyboards either. :thinking:


So you liked the hexagonal orange concept keyboard, but need the actual -board- part to be hexagonal too, that’s the ‘squared’ part that needs changing? But no occasional mechanical bee that comes and dances and barfs propolis (really Monster Nutra-sweet something something or a taurine/NAD drink) occasionally?

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Holy yikes those are expensive. I don’t decry the creator for charging for their time or anything, but whoof.

If you have $420 to spare and you are able to convert MIDI into keyboard input there is this:


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