Custom keyboard replicates Photoshop toolbar

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Polaroid SX-70__Neat!

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My keyboard definitely needs more knobs.


You can get this more functional board for less ($179):

Or the plus version for slightly more ($249):

I haven’t used either myself but have been considering a purchase as I hate digging through menus and like tactile controls generally.

i like the idea of a keyboard having a few analog inputs.

the only standard one we get is the mouse wheel, and apple is still catching up on that one. ( i hear any day now they will let us listen to music with standard headphone jacks too.)


I recently upgraded my original Loupedeck for a Loupedeck CT. Yes it’s more money but it’s also much more better-er. I love it. Much more functional than the Photoshop keyboard too. Edited a 1K images project in LR with the CT and absolutely fell in love. PS is less my daily driver but when I have to drop into it the LD CT is still a treat to work with.

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The reviews I have watched all echo your experience. :heart:

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I tried my best to hack out something like this when I was spending my days in the Creative Suite. Windows has all sorts of roadblocks to programming extra keys (for a casual like me). I’d be sorely tempted by something like this if I still needed it.

So, their target market is people who use Photoshop enough to spend $200 on an accessory for the purpose, but don’t already know all the equivalent shortcuts (plus many others) present on every existing keyboard, and don’t care enough about details to notice that they haven’t even bothered to make the toolbar vertical?


So someone literally invented the function keys again, 40 years after the original IBM PC keyboard.Well doen.


Long rectangular one as shown is sold out. The square-ish version is still available, and looks much more useful to me

More critical is a keypad that replicates Shift, Alt (Option), Ctrl modifier keys.

I’ve seen an artist use a gaming keypad instead.



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Oh thank you, you big brained bobtato, words right out of my mouth.

I guess one good thing is that because Photoshop is so hamstrung by it’s history and ubiquity as well as Adobe being such a lazy developer, this keyboard will still be relevant in 5 years time!

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