TourBox lets you ditch the keyboard and mouse for ultra-heightened control of your digital projects.

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Huh. I was… just thinking of acquiring this. Frankly, it’s the first tool I’ve seen on Boing Boing’s store that is genuinely useful. And the discount is a bit larger than other promotional ones I’ve seen. Kudos!

One of the big selling points is the UI for mapping the chorded button presses. I have heard that the knobs feel a bit cheap. But it’s definitely hefty enough not to slide around during use.

I edit a lot of photos… (pre-COVID, I was taking 30k/yr as a prosumer hobbyist cosplay|fursuit|gaming convention photographer). I’ve got a bit of a backlog due to life challenges… hoping this helps me out over Christmas break.


That’s some breadth in persona/costume photography! (Wait, why were there no Persona themed campaign ads? Hm. Must not’ve looked…in Korea. Pack the court with 19y.o. who die every day!) Looking forward to a capsule review or reference to same on a Halide, a certain AI-sprinkled RAW editing tool for maybe iOS or iPhones. #MorbidAAACuriosity

An alternative could be to use a midi controller and something like autohotkeys.

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I’ve looked at those! The big problem with sliders is you have to have them be motorized. Otherwise if you crank the saturation on one image, the next time you touch the silder it will:

  1. Jump up to the last value set, or
  2. Only provide a tiny amount of upward range before you hit physical limits.

Naturally, neither is acceptable. So, you’re looking at expensive photoshop-specific midi controllers with motorized siders… or resorting to knob-based controllers. And… well, this one seems to provide for minimal had traversal and ergonomic chording of the common shift-alt-ctrl schemes, at a somewhat reasonable price.


That’s some breadth in persona/costume photography!

Thanks!! I was certainly having some fun and enjoying the results:

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I’ve been using a Loupedeck CT for a year now. I had an original one previously. I primarily use LR and some Photoshop on OSX. The original was great, the CT is fantastic. It puts the art back into photo editing and I find I can do way more before getting mentally exhausted. The support is great too. The couple issues I’ve had got fixed quick and there’s a company rep who pays close attention to the FB group.

My first project editing with the CT was about a thousand images and the CT made it fly by. Definitely pays for itself in saved editing hours.


no… just use a midi controller. cheaper, more buttons, more sliders, pads, knobs…

Oh? So my search-fu could be better than ‘the best doggone diverse MIDI controller’ I think, but maybe instead I should just be on B&H’s or a local jam-in-store site one masked day?

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