Mechwarrior dad/baby costume




That is SO cool!


Heat level … critical.


To add realism the pilot can literally shit his pants when things look bad and nobody would find it out of character or disgusting.

At least I expect it to have good exhaust ports or the father will faint from the fumes!


The pilot seems to be distracted and disoriented, but that’s probably PTSD from the horrors of MechWar.


since the baby is developmentally not to the stage of object permanence yet, I’m really wondering how knowing that he is attached to daddy (body warmth, smell, voice) jibes with looking in the mirror and not seeing him in that li’l noggin of his.


Infants generally find images in mirrors pretty mysterious at best anyway.


Yup. That was a hilarious month.


Chairboy did this too over a decade ago with his son:


Uh-oh, only one way to settle which costume design is superior.


I want them to see them in actions! :wink:


I’ll just leave this here because it brings back such great (old) memories.


Meh, not a Mad Dog. :wink:


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