Adorable photo proves meeting your heroes is hard



Perhaps the smell wasn’t like he expected.

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The dad mentioned that as a possibility.
I could buy the being overwhelmed idea too though. I remember as a kid wanting to see people I really loved or admired after a long absence, then being so excited I ran away shy once they arrived because I didn’t know how to deal with them. Can kind of imagining something like this happening to this kid.


More than enough shit-news lately, this little unicorn chaser was just what I needed. From the article:

“Mark [one of the sanitation workers] said the best part of the whole phenomenon was that it’s brought two families together. Mark, his wife and their three children met with Oliver, Libby and Quincy for dinner recently. All the kids played together.”

That’s classy, Cinncinati.

My son makes a similar face when he’s dropping a deuce…especially if he hasn’t had enough fiber recently…

But he’s just over 1 so there is that.

reminds me of my high-school girlfriend’s kid brother. not sure how the meeting went down, but he had an autographed 8x10 of the fire chief on their fridge. obsessed with the FD is putting it mildly.

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I don’t know…I think he is actually holding it together pretty well! Even doing full photo pose and holding his truck up.

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