Father and son take same photo for 27 years

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Wow, totally wasn’t expecting the gut punch of emotion that hit me on the last image. All along I was scrolling down thinking it was really cool to see the boy turn into a man and the father grow older, and then something about seeing the grandkid in the last image just floored me by surprise, like I got a sense of the future, of knowing that this family would continue to take these photos, and one day the original father will not be in one, but the cycle will go on.


Fuckin’ onions!


Yeah, that was a nice twist. Pow! Shoulda seen that coming…


Around #9, it starts to get a little creepy.

With the warning, I was dreading the last image, thinking it would be of the son holding an emaciated, hairless father on a chemo-drip…

sooooo glad to be wrong.


Yeah, the images get really monotonous at some point, and so you know that something must be coming, otherwise: why would you have been told to look at this?

[quote=“art_carnage, post:6, topic:62830, full:true”]
Around #9, it starts to get a little creepy.
[/quote]That’s too bad. Men can’t hug men without people thinking it’s sexual because of homosexual panic, and fathers and probably out there right now choosing not to hug their sons as a result. Everyone I hear calls their baby son “buddy” while they call their baby daughter, “sweetie.” Can’t love too much for fear of being judged.


Water works, to be sure.


yep, you covered it all for me. that last pic… so awesome. i was scrolling along worried that something was going to happen to the dad to reverse who was holding who, but all along i wasn’t expecting the simple beauty of human rites of passage.

EDIT: also want to say that the son grew up to be such a hottie (takes after his dad when he was younger!), and both the second to last shot and the last shot make me so happy.


In #17, the kid looks just like Bruce Lee. I thought it was an elaborate Bruce Lee Rickroll for a few glorious seconds.



I think the fact there were many years through the middle where they could not face each other and be touching at the same time speaks volumes about how men are allowed to interact with children, even their own sons.

The above has some feels in it also.


oh man, my Dad never got to see his grandkids…so cool to see someone that really gets family


My day just got better. Need more of these, Please.



Your kid hits 7 and all of a sudden you carry all your weight on your face, even though you are in shape. Me and that Dad have a lot in common.

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Don’t be sorry for the misunderstanding – be sorry that he still stinks up these threads.

Wish I had thought to do that with my boys, Nice and powerful, what a great gift for grandkids and great-grandkids and on and on…nice and powerful


My reaction:


The line about giving high-fives instead of hugs hit me. On the twitch channel I moderate, we have a !hug $NAME command in chat. Sometimes I get hugs on the chat, but only ever from self-identified girls/women. Never from males. I then usually reciprocate a !highfive. It just feels like I’ll be judged as creepy if I do a !hug back. I don’t care if I’d be called feminine or whatever. I’m just concerned that people will think I’m a creep if I initiate or reciprocate a hug.

Also, unrelated, wtf happened to firm handshakes with eye-contact? It’s not gender specific. If you’re gonna give me the fish-hand and look at my shoes, then I don’t want your unpleasant handshake. I don’t want to crush your suddenly boneless hand, and I don’t feel like we trust each other if you avert your gaze. The whole point of a handshake, traditionally is a gesture of good-faith, and that’s what I use it for. If it’s just a simple greeting, then I’ll opt for the high-five anyway.

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