Med students are being paid to act as Instagram "influencers" on behalf of cosmetics and other products


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Seems a tad unscrupulous to me.


I agree…that’s why I only use Acme Fish Oil for that healthy glow, rich in omega-3 and salmon fat. Ask your Trader Joe’s supplement pusher if Acme Fish Oil is right for you!


William Gibson mentions this in his novel “Pattern Recognition”. Only, people were paid to be really subtle influencers in real life, in meatspace. How long before we see that, eh?


Sounds like a big ethical lapse to me. Though I couldn’t read the article because it said

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Could someone more knowledgeable about the intertubes please explain to me how the f__k I got this notice if I was offline? Needless to say I’m not.


4 out of 5 med students agree that we should not have to shill on Instagram to help with the tuition bills!


They’ll be well prepared for practice where they’ll start pushing whatever the medical science liaison tells them to. After-all, those trips to the Bahamas don’t pay for themselves.


Exactly. Might as well get them started young. Besides, we gotta make sure Pharma has a rough idea of who they can work through over the next ~40 years.


I recall 8-10 years ago, this was a thing, they used the term guerrilla marketing back then.

I saw a bit about people dressing like tourist couples in NYC and asking random people ( in their target group I’m sure ) if they could take a picture of them together. They were in reality doing product demos and live commercials for the camera industry, I don’t think the manufacturer hired them, it was probably a local store. A bit fuzzy on the details, sorry.


Late-stage capitalism seems to demand that personal marketing become everyone’s primary job, with the work they’re actually trained to do almost an afterthought. Labour is increasingly alienated not only from the product of its work, but from the work itself.

Perhaps you’re using an inferior Internet service provider. May I suggest TimeCast Communications as an alternative? I use it and it’s great! They’re now offering 20% off if you bundle it with phone and cable service!

Seriously, perhaps an ad blocker or script blocker in your browser? Or a content filter on your connection? They might make a Web page (or part of one) think you’re offline when you’re not.


Only 20% agree then. That’s not too bad. Once they get to prescribe drugs, almost 50% take $$$ from Big Pharma.


Some of us know to sell out early and often.


…at you at 53.30…
the lie through your teeth from the drug administration as long as the it does not penetrate the skin got me :slight_smile:


I’m a working chemist and (hopefully) soon to be grad student with student loans that I tire of paying. Pick me! I’ll shill!


I am influencing you right now.


I do have uBlock and PrivacyBadger. But why would anyone create a web page saying you’re offline in the first place? It make no sense.


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