Payless punks fashionistas by opening a fake luxury store and inviting them to comment on its 'designer' shoes


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Those poor fish.

That poor barrel.



One of those rare moments when someone in corporate actually deserves a raise.

Of course, I expect this is also a fraud, and the “influencers” (hork) were in on it, but it’s still a nice idea.


I’m thinking it’s more an upwardly mobile middle class barrel really.


The influencers are always “in on it.” No influencer gives even half a shit about the product. They’re paid (in some cases $100k or more per instagram post) to gush over crap. Invite them to a shiny event and they’ll take it from there.


The three videos on the linked page that requires registration are also available on YouTube:


i laughed out loud at rich people. thanks


Ha! You trusted us! Suckers!


Head over to Adweek (login required)

Thanks, no thanks! Fuck adweek. We don’t need to validate some marketing/PR stunt because it “pwns rich folk.” Pretty sure they’re the ones laughing at the end of the day.

Let me know if there’s a part about how they’ve decided to pay more money to the people who actually make the shoes.


Great ad and I love the fake name. But influencer’s don’t go to an event to buy the merch. They get the merch for free and gush in return. That’s the transaction.


Can they do the wine industry next?

Can we all now agree that “influencers” are just people practicing a con in service of their narcissism?


There was an amusing anecdote from an international wine competition several years back in which a two-dollar-a-bottle vintage sold at Trader Joe’s beat all the other contenders in its class.



Yeah, I mean, an “influencer” is literally a paid advertiser; that’s the job description. If any of them were actually shocked, it was only because they realized they might have damaged their worth as a paid shill for high-end goods by gushing over cheap clothing.


Totally would have kept the money.


And the year Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye won whiskey of the year and then all the reviewers had to back-peddle and try to explain themselves.


That stuff wasn’t bad. Definitely my favorite Crown Royal.


Yeah, this says a lot more about influencers than it does about the quality of Payless Shoes. Maybe these ads will convince some people that Payless makes high quality shoes, but all it tells me is that influencers are ridiculous.


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