Meet a creepy little girl from the uncanny valley


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This is the same artist that made the Trump/Putin/Kim Jun Un masks for those that might not know :slight_smile:


I dunno, I think she’s cute.


Bernie Sanders looks pretty good in a bikini!



cute for about 10 seconds. then you start to look for her knife


I’d like to be clear that I liked the post for finding the images but the images, did not like.
Perhaps worryingly the only one that looked at least semi sane was Putin.


Ha, beat me to it.

(FTR, I was about to write, “Soon to appear in the next Aphex Twin video!”)

This guy is an awesome artist.


Yeah i think the uneasiness from how lifelike the masks are works in favor of the political commentary they represent. They’re quite creepy, not sure how i would feel if i were to see them in person :stuck_out_tongue:


They are amazing, real-life Mission Impossible level work.


Can someone please make sure she stays in the Uncanny Valley?

(Great work, just really bloody creepy.)


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