Meet Bettie Bee, a darling two-faced kitten trying to survive


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The medical term for the rare condition is diprosopus.

From the Greek for “two faces.” English just isn’t medical enough.


Schrodinger’s Cat just got weirder





Yeah, I’m not trusting that cat.


Momma cat shouldn’t have been playing with those uranium marbles.


There is at least one literally two-headed human being alive and well today.

I hope this little kitty can survive and thrive, if for no other reason that she can be a cross-species ambassador for incomplete twinnage.

Full disclosure: four and six-quarters cats live with me, and three of them are “special needs.”


My momma done told me,
A kitty is two faced…


A description of the symptoms in English makes you a patient. A description of the symptoms in Latin makes you a doctor. A description of the symptoms in Greek makes you an expert.


I fail to see the reason to keep this animal alive.


Where is the “Delightful Creatures” tag?



two women with one shared body


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