"Cat eye syndrome" (bilateral colobomas)


See these eyes so green…


I’ve got that in my left eye.

Always amusing if a doctor notices it if i visit a hospital for any reason, as i’m immediately dragged off to be shown to any medical students nearby :smile:


Cat eye syndrome is a glamorous name for it - according to the wikipedia page another common symptom is having no anus.


I always wondered what this was… there is a lady who has this, and no joke, she works at our dog’s vet office. So at first I thought it was just contact lenses until prolonged, awkward staring convinced me otherwise.


Seriously! The beautiful lady in the linked article does not openly exhibit the (apparently not uncommon, according to Wackipedia):

  • Anal atresia (abnormal obstruction of the anus)
  • Unilateral or bilateral iris coloboma (absence of tissue from the colored part of the eyes)
  • Downward-slanting Palpebral fissures (openings between the upper and lower eyelids)
  • Preauricular pits/tags (small depressions/growths of skin on the outer ears)
  • Cardiac defects (such as TAPVR)
  • Kidney problems (missing, extra, or underdeveloped kidneys)
  • Short stature
  • Scoliosis/Skeletal problems
  • Intellectual disability – although most are borderline normal to mildly disabled, and a few even have normal intelligence, CES patients occasionally exhibit moderate to severe disability.
  • Micrognathia (smaller jaw)
  • Hernias
  • Cleft palate
  • Rarer malformations can affect almost any organ

I’ll stick to splicing cat genes, if it’s quite alright with you folks…


In other words, remarkably cat-like!



A young woman at my pharmacy has this. Originally I thought she had a unique take on the eye tattoo fad. It actually looked pretty cool, but I felt bad after I found out it was not a fashion statement. I am glad I did not say anything.

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I would imagine the “body modification” crowd would give much to be able to have that. Didn’t Gibson’s Panther Moderns have slit eyes as well as fangs? As for vet worker, I would assume contacts unless told otherwise, it seems likely as not she REALLY identifies with animals.


i was thinking “i’m pretty sure i have looked way more than 10,000 people in the eye over several decades and never seen this” - the laundry list of associated maladies suggests a reason

Panther Moderns were a Gibson reference to fellow cyberpunk author John Shirley. They are part of Shirley’s fiction, and have also been his real-life band.

Also, I recommend Paul Di Filippo’s short-story book “Ribofunk” for some great extrapolations of body modification run amok.

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Yeah, but people without anuses never seem to give a shit.


Meow. Iris my case.

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The linked site thinks that I might also like

“Ocular injury from an electrical burn”

Um, nope.


Then there is the goat-clown developed in The God-clown Is Near by Jay Lake. I thought it referenced the eyes, but a quick online scan did not re-reveal this to me.

Got the same offer, liked.

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