Frightening cosplay character




Can’t talk, eat, or drink. Yeah, great costume.


I believe she created the costume, but not the character.

Also, go Russia!




Haters gotta hate.


Sorry…you’re right. The costume is magnificent and I’m sure hours of hard
work went into it. I apologize. I need to learn not to comment before I
have my java. Thanks for slapping my knuckles.


Yep, that is nicely creepy on a number of levels.

But there’s one small tweak that I noticed that creeps me out even more. The left eye scanner carries that whole bionic/cyborg idea, but look at the right eye. When the pupil is blown out, that either means a severe brain injury (has the cyborg taken over??), or the use of some classes of drugs which might be relevant to a combat cyborg. Atropine at high doses will cause this – did you know that atropine is a antidote to nerve agents?

Someone seems to be paying attention to some really tiny details.


Right you are! Thanks.


Freaky, but if she can make it this^ freaky everyone is going to be impressed


The “head bug” looks like an isopod of some sort. Maybe something that deviates from the general trend of parasitic isopods being aquatic.




I have no mouth and I must scream.


And it had to be on this post that I reached my daily :heart: limit?!


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