Eliza needs you, now


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This idea has a long history. Shortly after ELIZA the simulated psychoanalyst was created, PARRY (a simulated paranoid schizophrenic) was created for the user (or ELIZA) to “help”.

Calls to mind Ellison’s “Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”, AM is the murderously evil version and ELIZA the innocent one (for now).


Less well-known is the fact PARRY achieved self-awareness and became Perry Farrell.

Rather than a distant but efficiently-compassionate female AI, McQuater re-imagines Eliza as a startled polygonal girl gliding in surreal digital space, her image suggesting Hatsune Miku by way of Pikachu.

That’s because it’s an MMD model of Miku dressed up like Pikachu but made to look much more polygonal

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