Meet Kilo, the tattooed Sphynx cat who was rescued after being seized in a prison raid

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How terrible, tattooing a poor cat :frowning:


I mean, they shouldn’t have tattooed the cat.

But maybe, cats in prison might actually be a good thing? I know they have dog programs in some places where prisoners work with and train dogs.

But like having some cats around would 1) help with any pest issues (I am sure their kitchens aren’t the most sanitary of all places and 2) give prisoners something to focus on and take care of. Pets enrich peoples’ lives.


Reminds me of the version of the Cheshire Cat from the “American McGee’s Alice” video game.

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I don’t think that this is what that was, though? I think it was just a guy who was flexing how he could flout the rules…


Yes, it was a guy who smuggled a cat in. But maybe we should just let them have cats? My example was a more structured example, but I have heard good things about prisoners finding some healing and purpose working with animals.

Maybe that wouldn’t work because there are too many violent assholes in prison. But a lot of violent assholes also have soft spots for animals. I dunno.


That’s already a thing


I think before we get there, we should probably work on reforming the entire system to make such things possible. I do agree that working with animals is a good thing, but I don’t think most facilities are in a position to have such programs, sadly.


Neat. I haven’t heard of that program. If it is helping, maybe they can expand it.


Always for programs like these to help inmates and animals alike :slight_smile:


I’m glad the cat is now safe.
And I’m all for making prisons more humane places.

But, fucking hell, tattooing a cat! As @Grey_Devil pointed out above, who the hell does that?
They tortured this poor creature for an hour with a home-made needle and ink kit just to mark it as their property. Knit it a fucking jumper instead, eh?

I’d double the sentence of the scoundrel responsible for this act of malicious cruelty.

Also, how about giving it a less drug-gang inspired name now that it’s free.


I’m thinking about how this cat has an Insta account now and is being utilized as an asset, basically. Still.

And about how I (as the new owner) wouldn’t give internet clues to where this Mexican gang’s favorite cat went, since they have a lot of free time to locate you before they get out of prison, and do some deeds that elevate them in their leaders’ eyes.


I thought of it as Bond villain aspirations.

devil in the white city classics GIF


Poor animal, hope it has a nice life from now on.

They could switch the i for a y, and claim it’s Star Wars inspired.
Though I seem to understand it’s still some kind of villain?

One of my sister’s 27 cats¹ is a very good-natured Sphynx named Lord Asriel.
I don’t know if she does it on purpose, but in every picture his family jewels are very visible.

¹ no kidding, they were 34 some time ago…

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Also…the bingus…

and another bingus…


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